1. Save Money – unlike regular medicine taking herbal medicine are way affordable and cheaper compared to conventional medicines. 
  2. No Prescription needed – since herbal medicines are safe and doesn’t cause over dose herbal medicines are easy to obtain 
  3. Has a lot of Healing properties – herbal medicine unlike conventional medicines has a lot of great effects in the body it doesn’t only cure one sickness but a lot. 
  4. No Harmful Effects – since its all natural it is less likely to have bad side effects or allergic reactions 
  5. Widespread availability – since herbal medicines can grow produces are sky is to the limit. We can get it anywhere at a lesser cost. 

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicines are popular to most people especially to the old ones who really believe in traditional kind of medicines. Since it is really known for a lot of great benefits and good effects to our body. http://www.acupuncturehoustontx.com provides a lot of herbal medicines and guide for it to help you live a healthy lifestyle. 

Different forms of Herbal Medicine 

As we all know there are a lot of ways how we can intake herbal medicine. 

Herbal teas 

Teas are usually from medicinal plant leaves, stem, flowers, dried and bowdlerize which you can mixed water instantly or put into a tea bag there are two methods and it is called infusion or decoction poplar teas are chamomile, mint, green, black and yellow tea. 

Herbal tinctures 

Is made by soaking a plant or parts of a plant in alcohol. Alcohol helps extract the herbs medicinal ingredients. Alcohol helps in the preservation process of a plant to keep it for a longer period of time. 

Capsules or Tablets 

Capsules or tablets are made from dried and powdered herbs that are placed n gelatin capsules. It is the most convenient and easy way in taking an herbal medicine since it is not messy and I am easy to bring anywhere. Helps you intake it quickly since it locks smell and unpleasant taste and provides a much quicker result 

Fluid extracts 

Fluid extracts are more richer and stronger than other methods it is thicker than liquid and made with alcohol or glycerin 


Plants and herbs are crushed and squeeze to get the juice out of it. It is the best way in getting vitamins and minerals from a plant and it must be taken as soon as it has been prepared because good effect will wear off in a matter of time. 

Herbal Ointments 

An ointment is a semi solid preparation applied to the skin where you feel the pain and depends on the purpose for preparation. Examples of ointments olive oil and beeswax 

Essential Oils 

Some examples are lavenders, eucalyptus, and a lot more in is a good remedy for coughs, cold, and good for relaxation and a lot of effects. Essential oils are diffused to get its aromatic and medicinal effects. It made by diluted water, ointments, bath, or oils.